Golf Made King. King Made Jerky.

Jeff King, Kingmade Founder, began his love for the game of golf at age 9, started his career as a professional caddie in 1998 and has worked with some of the world’s best players on the greatest stages in golf. 

Jeff moved full steam ahead creating and refining his own healthy jerky recipes. As a true competitor and diehard athlete who grew up playing five sports, Jeff never backed down from a challenge, and he worked tirelessly to get his recipe right. His first unofficial batch of Classic Recipe Kingmade Jerky was definitely worth all of the hard work.  In 2012, he began creating jerky recipes in his home kitchen in McKinney, Texas and within a few weeks, he brought his beef jerky out to the course as a snack for himself. Several players tried it and said it was the best jerky they had ever tasted. Soon, other players began searching through Jeff's players' bags hunting for his legendary jerky. Long story short, word started flying around the tour. Demand soared, and players were searching for their own stash of Jeff’s jerky, and several even provided flavor suggestions! Finally, after unrelenting requests, Jeff started making and selling his jerky to the greatest golfers on earth, and within no time, no bag on tour was complete without Jeff's jerky in it.

Caddie Created. Player Approved.

Our Mission

We believe gripping and ripping belongs on the course, not when you’re eating a bag of jerky. Every batch of KINGMADE JERKY is crafted to nourish and fuel discerning athletes and health-conscious individuals. We use only top-quality ingredients — including premium grass-fed flank steak, which requires far less salt and sugar to deliver a tender, flavorful, top-quality snack that stands out from the pack.

Kingmade Jerky has several nutritious flavors: CLASSIC, BUFFALO STYLE & SWEET CHILI PEPPER which are all artfully seasoned and slow cooked to perfection. KINGMADE JERKY is perfect for die hard golf enthusiasts, active individuals and families on the go. From the links to the gym to the slopes to the boardroom and beyond, it's premium beef for a better class of carnivore.