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Jeff King's bag is carrying one.

And, since 2011, making one.

The veteran looper, who is toting for Derek Ernst on the PGA Tour this season, is the most sought-after wingman in golf these days, thanks to the culinary skills he put to work in his small apartment in McKinney, Texas, 30 miles north of Dallas.

With his taste buds becoming raw from the beef jerky he craved during long rounds and longer drives from one tour stop to another, King bought a dehydrator three years back and started experimenting in his cramped kitchen.

The end result is Kingmade Jerky, which is sweeping the PGA Tour and making a huge dent in the LPGA tour and other tours around the world. And it's coming to a convenience store and supermarket near you.

"You can't make this stuff up. I'm a CEO. I'm making jerky that people want. I just wanted to make some good jerky so I could eat it," King said.

Written by Jason Belden