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Taste Rating:  (10/10)  Excellent

These strips of jerky are mostly small in size, and sliced to a medium thickness. They have a somewhat dry texture, which is not tough to chew. Flank steak is known to be easier to chew compared to the typical inside or outside round cuts of beef used with most other jerky brands. There are visible signs of fat that enhances the natural beef flavor. Handling this jerky leaves a little bit of oily residue on your fingers.

Lots of flavors jump out at first. There is a moderate level of soy. Both the salt and pepper levels are light, although the cayenne pepper is at mild level. It does not take long for the spiciness to become apparent, which is a quick type of burn, instead of one that sneaks up on you. On a heat scale, it would rate about a 2 out of 4, perhaps more depending on your tolerance of heat.

For a sweet based flavor, thankfully, it does not go overboard. It’s a mild sweetness, where this is still a fair amount of natural beef flavor from the flank steak. A mild garlic level is a great compliment. To top it off, a mild smoked taste rounds off the overall flavor.

This jerky is surely recommended to people who enjoy a sweet and spicy based flavor, with less sweet, and more spiciness.

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Written by Jeff King